4 thoughts on “Procedural level generation

  1. i was just googling around for voxels & 8bit projects for a dumb game idea i felt like making and ran into this. your dungeon generator looks like it could be used to make random floor plans. is it on github?

  2. Hi. I’m looking for good engine or library for isometric game. SDL looks promising, and i found this. I was wondering if you could share source code of the generator, so we could see how it renders, since it is exactly what we are looking for.

    • The approach I took here was to generate maps using many of the usual rogue like approach, and then I wrote some code to export them in .obj format so that I could render them in a 3d modelling package. Unfortunately SDL is not doing any of the rendering here. That said, it would be possible to render visuals like this in SDL, by pre-baking a set of light maps and selecting which to apply to a voxel based on the immediate surrounding voxels. Something like Analytical Ambient Occlusion could help generate your pre-baked light map. I do love isometric engines so perhaps I will end up writing one soon :).

  3. Wow. How did you generate the first image ? I end up always having like Minecraft style. Yours look more structured.

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