Kentucky route zero – Behind the scenes

kentuck_route_zero_rendI had a bit of fun here making several renders using the assets from the beautiful Kentucky Route Zero by Cardboard Computer; the aesthetic of which captivates me immensely. (click for hi-res)

render7I used 3DRipper to grab a frame from the game in .obj format, and then went at it with Cinema4D.  The game plays out in pseudo 2D, which presented a challenge since a scene seems to be composed of many flat 2d layers as shown below.  This could be me misunderstanding 3DRipper and its dumped post projection, but I imagine such a tool should correct for that and transform back into modelview space before dumping.

I’m still not sure how they achieve their flat shaded 2D look.  I imagine they could disconnect a model based on color groups and set their vertex colour, or use UV’s to index a colour texture atlas.

wireThe modeling of Conway (the main character) is fantastic.  I have so much to learn.


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