A Long overdue update…

A long time has passed since my last post here, largely because I was hired by a great software company, and I’m having a great time there!  I would like to point out that due to the nature of my work, I am bound by an NDA, so everything I write here pertains to my own personal projects and not the company’s.  That said… while I have less free time then usual, I still have a huge drive to work on projects in that which I do still have.

I am currently working on some awesome things, which I want to get around to documenting, such as:

  • Fast [quad / oc] tree ray casting using only bit shifts, for a voxel renderer, and a Fez clone.
  • Writing an embeddable Java Virtual machine as a scripting language for my game.
  • Refactoring and extending Fake86 emulator, to aid in writing boot loader games for the PC (largely through adding a debugger).


On a different subject, I finally got some time to make UI mockups for some programs I want to write.  The first picture shows an 8 bit chip tune composer, which should map nicely to my sound engine I have already programmed.  My goal here was to take my love of Albeton Live and push that into a 320×240 resolution for a fixed sound system.  I have never likes the text interfaces of other 8bit ‘tracker’ music programs.


Incidentally here is a screenshot of the sound core, showing 4 waveforms: SAW, PULSE, SIN, and TRIANGLE.  An interesting feature is that each channel has independent bit crushing, which can be seen in channel 3, and 4.  Channel 5 is the LFO or vibrato oscillator, and channel 6 shows the white noise source.


This is an incomplete mockup for a pixel editor I want to create.  I wanted to take my workflow from Photoshop and streamline it into a 320×240 program, with only the feature I use.

An interesting idea is to release both programs bundled together as a retro game makers app pack.  The sound engine for the chip tune composer could be released as a stand alone library, making it easy to plug into any games.

Also I found this a very interesting to read.  Someone has written up an explanation of a AI following and path planning system for platform games.  This is something I have often thought about myself, and feel it would be nice to experiment with in future.  Check it out:


2 thoughts on “A Long overdue update…

  1. How exciting, your projects look awesome!
    I’m also very keen on reading how you did the voxel renderer, it’s been boggling my head for the last couple of days.

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