Dungeon Trap


As I started to think about this dungeon generator it got me thinking more and more about the possibilities of procedural game generation.  I wondered what would happen if a similar technique was applied to generate the levels for a platform / dungeon crawl hybrid game of sorts.  I can envision controls similar to Flashback and Abes Odyssey where the player can only move one grid unit at a time, using some set jump actions and movements to navigate the world.  I made a mockup for this, which I have given the codename DungeonTrap, which can be seen above.  The pixel art above only uses 4 colours, which is a modified version of the original game boy palette.  I a large chunk of the animations already made, a few of which for the player can be seen below.


I had original planned to make only 1bit graphics, so only black or white, but my girlfriend was critical and suggested that it needed more depth.  Unfortunately, some aspects of the games visuals and animations that I can imagine can be shown in a static screen shot alone so until an interactive demo has been made, they must remain in my head.  I plan however to make use of all the previous programming work I have done to experiment with dynamic lights, so that the player can carry around a torch and also integrate light as a fundamental tool of the player into the game-play.

One thought on “Dungeon Trap

  1. Just wanted to say that I love your blog. I come here surprisingly often and like the little videos and screenshots and your explanations. I wrote a small game when I was like 15 or so and back then I was convinced that I wanted to become a game developer. Now I have a SaaS business and I didn’t develop a game in a decade. Your blog makes me want to jump back on game development. So thanks alot and keep up the good work.

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