Tengu Engine

So my latest coding spree has brought me here, to a very early build of what I have dubbed the Tengu Engine.  For the time being I am not using any of my ninja sprites, but that is just a minor point as it was simply easier to develop the build using that player sprite.  Tengu engine combines lots of the features that I have mentioned so far in this diary, and some that I have not.  The frame rate limiter is working nicely in the background as well as the collision system and the ray casting code from my previous posts. In this little demo, the player movement is constrained entirely by the previously developed collision system and I also the crappy little shadow effect that is projected on the ground uses a ray cast. Since my last post I have developed a nice entity management system as well as a really, damn nice scripted animation system.  Each of these features will be explored in much more detail in the coming days, especially the animation system, but at this stage my intent was to show the current state of progress.

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